A Family Trip Through History

Here is where I intend to store and display family photographs, this will include close family members as well as some more distant ones.

There is a lot of history I wish to preserve from over the last 100 years and slightly longer than that I think.  Therefore, before the photographs fall into irreversible disrepair I will need to put them in what is hopefully a safe environment.

I am also considering slipping some video footage in as well, I will endeavour to do this but no promises.

Me Peter Miller

Photographs of me from my early years up till now (whenever now is), I may be a little behind with some modern photos but I am getting there.

Mom And Dad
Pretty straight forward really, as I thought you may have suspected.  This is my dad (James Henry Miller) and my mom (Prudence Marion Miller) from their young routes to now.  It gives an insight into life and what the portrait photography of the day was like.  Update: My dad passed away 25th September 2010.

Brian And Family
Brian is my elder brother, he was born in 1939, here are some photographs of him and his family.  His wife is named Pat and he has one son called David.

Tony And Family
Tony (Anthony to be precise) is my younger brother, born in 1963, here are photographs of him and his family.  Mandi is his wife and he has two children called James and Beth.

Jess My Daughter
Photographs of my daughter Jessica Taylor

Relatives Mom's Side
Photographs and some descriptions of my relatives on my mom's side.  My mom  was born in 1921 and she married my dad in 1939, her maiden name was Fellows

Relatives Dad's Side
Photographs and some descriptions of my relatives on my dad's side. My dad was born in 1910 and as stated above passed away on the 25th September 2010 aged almost 98.

Lyn And Her Family Page
Photographs of my wife Lyn (and some of her family members), her real name is Linda and her maiden name was Phillips

All you family people out there, if you consider a photograph should be removed because you find it embarrassing or something like that, let me know and I may listen to your reasoning. 

Then again, consider this, most people find some photographs of themselves make them feel awkward and it is usually ones that have been taken in a formal atmosphere (I think).  Those wonderful candid shots that one sometimes gets the opportunity to take are in my opinion some of the best photographs that can be taken.

I would under no circumstance try to embarrass someone but take a look at my brother Tony enjoying a session of Morris Dancing when he was much younger than he is now.  This photograph is already doing the rounds at a biker website where he is a member and guess where they got that particular photograph from.

There are some great monochromatic shots on here taken over many years, I especially like the ones of my dad when he was in the army out in India, then there are photographs from the WWII years where dad was a prisoner of war for 5 years.  Not a very good time for him of course but I feel it is important for these photographs to be displayed to preserve a record of those terrible times.

Personally, I really like a lot of the photos of my mom taken when she was very young and youngish, it is easy to forget that people, parents had lives of their own prior to me/you coming into existence, so at that time you were not the focus of their lives.

There are photographs here of people that I have never met and will never be able to because they are no longer alive.  If a picture paints a thousand words then maybe it can give me/us an insight into the life of that person.

Many, many of these photos were taken way before I was born, I hope that any energy that pours from them would give me an insight into what it was like to live in those times and to share some of the love, anxiety, happiness and pain etc. that may have been felt.  This may seem a little strange or difficult to understand but these images are a window into a time or a moment that cannot be reclaimed.

Finally, this part of my website could be construed as selfish from my point of view, as it may only preserve what I alone wish to be preserved, hopefully, this is a cynical view and not the case, I would like anyone who is interested, not just family members, to be able to take a peak into the past, my past, my families past and their families past. 

It will always be the past.

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I have also now created a new website with reference to my dad James Henry Miller , it can be found by clicking on the link  "James Milller (Dad)" above the contacts link

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